Winds and tides

If winds and tides
Drift out my glide
And winter stops
My sail
If God is strong
Then so am I
My voyage
Will never fail.

The clouds will come
To veil the moon
You don’t rest
Don’t stupefy
Like a black cloak
Covering silver dish
It watches like a
Squinting eye

You follow the beam
That guides you to
The treasure
You wish to wield
When the winds and tides
Can’t smother your fire
Your odds
have finally kneeled.


From the vault of my gallery, clicked 6 years ago

P.S. As this decade is ending I was going through my stuffs saved in various online and offline sources. And it was when I found this poem. It dates to around 6 years back. I don’t know what was running in my head back then when I wrote this poem.

And your wish has been fulfilled with this, Firefly. And here I want to say that you are an amazing and the funniest writer. Your blog needs to reach every corner.

For any constructive criticism feel free to contact at


  1. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! 😻 I couldn’t even choose my favourite line from this poem. Every stanza is just mesmerizing! Reminded me of Old Man and the Sea. This poem exudes the same perseverance and determination. 💙

    Damnnn, the last four lines of all the stanzas are so precious. I could totally hang these on my wall. 😿 Your writing skills are par excellence, Yash. What an optimistic and hopeful poem. Really reallly reallly loved this one. One of your best creations, without a doubt.

    Send this to some famous poetry magazines. 🤠 And thank you so much for fulfilling my wish. The best gift everrr!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Itni achi to mujhe nahi lagi jitni tumhe lag gayi😅.
      BTW, 6 saal purani hai so i would say it’s somewhere an amateur attempt. But, glad that u liked it.
      Nahi nahi deewar pe mat taangna😅. Till then I will be waiting for fireशायर.


  2. Honestly… yash, you have so much talent. This is just gorgeous… all what Chandni said above… even down to Old Man and the Sea!!! I love, love, your versing poetry… wonderful again to see.

    Liked by 1 person

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