• It goes like
      “Don’t know how many times I fell in love; never saved any of it for myself.”

      I hope you are doing great and ending this year and decade with prosperity and good health with your family. Few days back it was the 3rd anniversary of my blog and I want to thank you to be the permanent member of this family. Thank you once again for all your appreciation and support. And like I always say, I learn a lot from you.
      Lots of prosperity and Yash😉 to you and your family.

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      • Yes…. that makes sense and that’s what I thought. GT had garbled the pronounds completely. Absolutely… we need to stop casting about and keep a little for ourselves. I love that. Good reminder and very wise poem. We can’t properly love others until we love ourselves.

        Three years!! Wow I did not know. So cool. I remember just being so blown away by your poetry when I first saw it a year or so ago. It’s so beautiful. You’re a lovely person Yash. Much love to you and yours, and keep shining 💛🔆

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