Smart ass award

Yeah you read it right. I have been awarded this prestigious award by none other than The bold girl, also goes by the name as meme and gif queen. While I prefer to call her Messiah. (Lemme note down the rules of award in one page and then proceed accordingly).

This all started from hers Last blog and My final post as a blogger posts where she said about leaving WP. Meanwhile, all the fellow bloggers following her blogs were so upset seeing her leaving so soon. After all she is one of the craziest, funniest, brilliant writer. But something was not right. “Why so soon? “

Some of the earth’s finest smart ass people found out the whole scene building up. She gave some subtle hints in her posts which stated that she ain’t leaving WP and was playing around this while time (Not coolπŸ˜‘). So, I along with another fellow blogger were able to identify this clue. Now, we are smart ass.

Some shower of appreciations towards her-

You are one of the finest blogger I have ever come across. From making people laugh to directing their attention to sensitive topics like Short dress are pure class and unmatched, at least for me. Keep doing the saint work Messiah!

Am I forgetting something? I think not.


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