Hundred suns and hundred moons

(From one of my treks in the Himalaya)

Every beat of my heart is
A knock to your door
The echo tells
You don’t live here anymore

I stood outside your gate
Called your name, rang the bells
Being aware that you always
Belonged to someone else

The canopy of your hands
My body fancy to wear
And i perfuse in you
Like a thin mystique air

Over your warm beating bosom
My head finds solace
the unfathomable pulse placates
Upon your vivacious embrace

I wish a hundred suns
To light your darkest nights
And a hundred moons in summer
To comfort your beautiful eyes

Let me take some redness of your lips
And paint my dawning light
A little pink of your cheeks
To finish my placid twilight

Some blackness of your hair
And the sparkle of your eyes
So that I can sketch
My glinting winter skies

A whit of glow of your face
To make my moon shine
And the essence of your body will
Make the picture forever young, forever divine

At last, dangle your hair over this canvas
Make these lifeless clouds steady
Since, you have changed this Silhouette  into a colorful painting
The picture of my life is now ready.

If you are reading this; I might have gone by now
Leaving a last message on my tombstone having it inscribe,
I loved you till my last breath fainted
No language of the universe can ever  describe.”


(My every poem and write-ups for you is just like a bottled message drifting across the sea; I can only hope it reaches you someday. Losing time, losing patience. )


  1. I agree with Wildheart… I was so swept away… kind of breathless… in a soaring, tingling way. Too many flowing phrases to name.
    Very, very beautiful, yash. You’ve got the true soul of a poet. 🙏

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  2. Woohoo, I’m blown away! This wasn’t just poetry, it was art! Like all the forces in nature came together to carve this beautiful piece into existence. It’s just soo perfect. I couldn’t even choose a favourite stanza or metaphor, haha. Every single phrase adds more beauty to this poem. 🌸 Really glad to have come across your blog. Keep shining!

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    • Your comment has surely made me smile. This will help me in lot of ways. I can’t thank you enough for this. You helped me in so many ways. Glad that you liked it❤.


      • Haha, I’m glad. Your writing is very captivating! Also, I found your blog title very interesting, that’s the main reason why I came here. Vicks ki goli? Really? 😂 Please tell me this has some deeper meaning.

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      • Yes indeed it has a deeper meaning than it appears 🙂. Moreover it is Viks rather being Vicks. My friends gave it to me on a purpose I usually served . So I just keep the legacy of my name wherever I go.
        Above all, your blog content is so beautiful and your writings are so matured. I am looking forward to read all as soon as i return to blogging again. 🙂


  3. Hey yash, was thinking of you. This is sort of a weird thing to say, but this is to tell you that you have been nominated for one of the Most Awesome Bloggers’ award, in my head. 😉😍Someone nominated me and it turns out I’m not good with these blogging award things but yeah. I wanted to pass it on to you, because you are an awesome blogger and a beautiful poet and amazing blog-friend, and I just wanted you to know that. Sending writerly hugs, and hoping you are well. xoxoxo

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  4. Ohkaaaay. Well, I don’t how to respond to that😅. But thank you. Thank you that my name struck your thoughts for this nomination. I don’t know whether I justify this award or not. And as always you are too modest.
    And to your next statement about my well being then unfortunately I am not well since a couple of weeks. As you can see my absence in my blogging family. I think and pray for you and your family so much. I am aware of the data of France amid this corona crisis. So, sometimes I feel so concerned about your well being. Hope you are doing well.
    But meanwhile, I have showed your write-ups to a few people here who aren’t on WordPress. They really loved your poems. Especially the ‘Rawr will survive’, ‘onwards’ and ‘starry night’.
    Hope to get back soon to my blogging family. Lots of love and prayer and prosperity to you❤🙂.

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    • Oh my goodness, you have been showing my poetry around?!?!?! That is so sweet and warms my heart so very much. Seriously. I know, about the award… I’m officially crazy (in a good way? 😅) and I do everything bizarre-stlye. But you definitely deserve all the awards and then some.

      Please don’t worry about me as we are healthy here and my rawr will survive no matter what. Partly thanks to good folks like you. :)) But I am so sorry to hear you are not well. I worried about that. I really hope you take a good cup of herb tea and I’m just going to sit there with you a bit in my mind. Sending lots of love. xoxoxo

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    • I won’t mind at all. Just let me know when you put it into use😉. And thank you that you liked it so much. Read the rest of the post if you get time.


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